Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Passover Easter Springtime

A god sent down the-one-who-was-known-by-his-working-name, the Angel of Death, to kill all those particular innocent tots who possessed foreskins, and of course their baby sisters, because these innocents' parents were enslaving the ones he liked best. Pretty basic misdirection of wrath, your honor.

Quite a few episodes later this particular god sends his son down to earth, knowing of course that he'd get killed, the goal being something called redemption, which would somehow enable this god to stop killing enslavers babies in the future.
Lucky for Thomas Jefferson's offspring.

And, as happens only in make-believe, the son beats death and soon after disappears, never to be seen again, except in office furniture, musical numbers, and mostly in that special un-checked inner dialog called faith.

Superstition, social pressure, and spring in the air, is why this time of year is different from other times.
As to the election of a new new Pope: if "Napoleon" at Bellevue Hospital had that number of believers he'd be emperor of France.