Saturday, November 22, 2003

Raging, important truths jump off the page,
with force to rattle our skeletons and jolt our hard drives.
O citizenry of the United States - alas - ye are not there to see it!
Staring as you are at the televisor hawkers peddling non-stop purchasables;
Next up is giving thanks for an excuse for shameless gluttony.
followed by endless Xmas disposable snake oil.
No time to think, it's tradition time; rituals of consumption and lockstep fantasy.
You'll jump from your sleep someday, surprised when the next buildings fall -
And cheer on a daddy when he screams he'll get the evildoers,
with promises to keep the reality lines between Middle Earth and Iraq
blurry and safe - for the holidays. . .for the elections.
(He'll even pose with mom and the fairy tale Queen for your photo album.)
But look! Outside the box that sits in your living room,
receiving manufactured signals from corporate headquarters everywhere,
there are truths that can open your eyes to life's real potentials and dangers.