Sunday, April 24, 2005

written 2 April 2005, over morning coffee...

die already (and take the illusions with you)

the headlines
pope sick
pope sicker
pope sickest
pope really really sick
pope getting worse
pope getting much worse
pope not doing well at all
pope weakens further
pope almost dying
pope dying
pope almost dead
pope with a tube up his nose
pope with a tube out his ass
pope begins losing consciousness
pope continues losing consciousness
world keeps watch as life force leaks out of pope
pope hooked up to machine that waves his hand out window to the anxious believers outside
thousands gather to watch hand wave at window
hundreds of thousands pray for the soul of the sick pope
which is supposed to do what?
what does it mean to belong to this club for so many who thankfully bypass more and more of its archaic rules
millions around the world stick their faces into their television sets to watch the countdown to pope death
10... 9...
they can ignore how many others who really matter are dying
and ignore the many they could possibly be affecting the deaths of
interrupted only by continuing ads for gas guzzling cars
and news on schiavo and jackson and celebrity murderers
the pope is another blockbuster to be sold the masses of television sheep
with reports soon after how well it did financially in the marketplace
millions watch with attention, the television tells them this is important
and it helps them to forget their walmart lives
their credit card reality that they don't own anything
but that their children will have to die for it...
8... 7...
die already
and take with you the thousands of old overfed men
members of your exclusive cult, dressed in their expensive red robes and mitres
fly to hell, cardinals of woe, and take with you your faith in a god who killed his son
and set you all up as the direct contacts
6... 5...
this is mass madness pure and simple
in a sane world if any one person ever professed what these people say they would be locked away
pope, the bishop of rome, the vicar of christ, head of the roman catholic church, the pontiff
and yes of course his holiness
and he believes it all as if he believed he was teddy roosevelt
this is fairy tales for adults, like the queen in england...
4... 3...
but as a group their power is enormous
their ownership of tax-free property enough to feed all the hungry everywhere
their followers willing to die and kill for their fantasy of the afterlife
at this point just a bit more subdued than the followers of another version who flew airplanes into buildings
but with a history overflowing with crusades and witch burnings
and a present just as full of hatred and judgment of those who are different from them
and take with you the thousands who sexually abused
because these old men's rules deny a loving playful sexuality outside procreation
whose fear of women's sexuality continues to try to enslave them
take with you the newspaper inserts, magazines, network specials that are awaiting your last breath
especially take with you the arrogance with which mass murdering politicians will use your life

days later... the networks are poised... the cameras have to be there to capture the image when a puff of smoke indicates a new pope has been chosen... the species holding hard to its illusions...